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Game. . .and Season. . .Over

Well, the Vikings came into today's game knowing that they needed it to, realistically, keep their playoff hopes alive.

And they came out and looked like ass.  Complete and total ass.  And it can largely be attributed to one man. . .he wears #14 in purple and white.  Johnson continued to be the worst starting QB in the National Football League.

But, next week, I have the feeling we'll be talking about the Brad Johnson era in Minnesota in the past tense. . .because this afternoon, Tarvaris Jackson came in and gave this offense a spark that they've lacked for weeks.  197 yards of total offense for Jackson in just over one quarter of play, compared to a paltry 95 yards for Brad Johnson in the nearly 3 quarters that he played.

If anyone other than Tarvaris Jackson starts this Thursday in Green Bay, yours truly is going to be one highly agitated Viking fan.