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The Randomness of Hump Day

We're just about 24 hours away from the Vikings going into Lambeau Field and pimp-slapping Green Bay from one end of their home field to the other.  We'll get to the game preview and open thread sometime tomorrow, but first let's take a look at some of the other newsworthy items about the Vikings on this short week.

Three Vikings Selected for Pro Bowl

Yes, three members of the Minnesota Vikings have been named to the NFC's Pro Bowl team.  Those three players are LG Steve Hutchinson, C Matt Birk, and DT Kevin Williams.  Congratulations to those three players on being named to the squad.

I was set to get all sorts of angry about Pat Williams being left off the team, but then I read in the Star-Tribune that Fat Pat was told that he was the first alternate among the interior defensive linemen.  So, he'll almost certainly be going to Honolulu due to the fact that Bears' defensive tackle Tommie Harris is out for the season following knee surgery.

(Say it with me, folks. . .1. . .2. . .3. . .awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww).

Three other Vikings players have been selected as alternates.  Those players are RB Chester Taylor, LT Bryant McKinnie, and FS Darren Sharper.  If any other players pull out of the game at their respective positions, we could see more Vikings making their way to Hawaii.

Griffin Listed as Doubtful

Rookie CB Cedric Griffin, who has played well for the most part since replacing Fred Smoot in the Vikings' starting secondary, missed the Vikes' most recent practice, and is listed as "doubtful" for tomorrow night's game, meaning that there's a 25% chance that he'll be able to play against Green Bay.

This means that Fred Smoot, who lost his starting job to Griffin a month ago or so, will probably find himself back in the starting lineup.  Great.

Coach Tomlin, if you're reading this at all. . .please don't put anyone but Antoine Winfield across from that guy wearing #80 in green.  If we've got Smoot playing 10 yards off of him all night, he's going to kill us again.

In other roster news, DT Spencer Johnson was placed on IR by Minnesota.  WR Martin Nance has been signed from the practice squad to take Johnson's roster spot, and G Jimmy Martin was re-signed to the practice squad to fill that spot.  Not the best week to be a Vikings' player with the last name of Johnson, huh?

Who Should You Cheer For?

So, in the event that the Vikings DON'T make the post-season. . .who should you, the heartbroken Minnesota fan, cheer for?

Not sure?  Well. . .let the fine folks from decide for you.  (Tip of the hat to Jason from Bleeding Green Nation for the link to this.)

When you go to this site, it will first ask you which team you currently cheer for.  It will then ask you a series of personality-based questions, and then give you a team that you should pull for based on your responses.

When I punched mine in, it told me I should cheer for the Tennessee Titans.  Great. . .a team that has almost as little chance of making the post-season as the Vikings do.

That's all the randomness for now, folks.  Game thread coming sometime before the game tomorrow.  Call your boss, tell him you need Friday off, and then come hang out here with us at DN tomorrow night!