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Okay, NOW the Season's Over

Packers 9, Vikings 7 in the 8th annual "Brett Favre's Last Ever Home Game."

Just fucking great. . .an entire off-season knowing that we got swept by this fucking team.

Brad Childress calls plays like a retarded five-year old.

I'd like to apologize to any retarded five-year olds that I may have insulted with the above comparison.

I never, EVER in my life want to hear again about how Brad Childress is going to bring "discipline and accountability" to this football team.  There's no fucking discipline on this team.  There's no fucking accountability on this team.  I have never seen this worthless an offense on the National Football League level.  Seriously.  This team wouldn't put up 20 points against Ohio State, never mind an NFL-caliber defense.

I'd be willing to bet my next paycheck that this same team, coached by Mike Tice, would have a winning record and probably would have sewn up a playoff spot by this point.  Instead we get this crap.

I can't even put any more into words.  I simply can't believe this crap.