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And Here's To You, Marcus Robinson

Childress hates you more than you will know. . .whoa whoa whoa.

In a highly unusual move, the Vikings informed veteran receiver Marcus Robinson today that he will be released for reasons that were not immediately clear.

Robinson has been the team's most productive receiver this season with four touchdowns, but his relationship with the team's new coaching staff has appeared rocky ever since he was a healthy scratch for the Sept. 24 game against Chicago. Robinson also was inactive for the Dec. 17 game against the Jets, because of what coach Brad Childress called a hip flexor injury, and he was the No. 5 receiver in Thursday night's loss to the Packers.

The timing of the move would allow Robinson to sign with another team in time for the playoffs. In 10 games this season, he has caught 29 passes for 381 yards. The Vikings were 0-5 in the games he has missed this season and 6-4 in the games he played.

In 41 games since joining the team in 2004 season, Robinson caught 17 touchdowns.

I can only assume that, in this case, "highly unusual" is just another way of saying "classless, gutless, and childish."

Marcus Robinson dared to speak out against head coach Adolf. . .er, Brad Childress the other day when he was deactivated for the Vikings' game against the New York Jets.  In this past week's game against Green Bay, he was active, but was the #5 WR on the roster, which is fucking ludicrous regardless of what perspective you look at it from.

It just so happens that Marcus Robinson is a 10-year veteran of the National Football League and, quite frankly, the only wide receiver on the entire Vikings' roster that could catch the football with anything even remotely resembling a sense of regularity.  Just look at the article above. . .the Vikings were 6-4 in games that Marcus Robinson played in, and 0-5 in games that he didn't.

Who, exactly, are we supposed to replace Robinson with?  I realize that the Vikings only have one game left this year. . .but you've got a young quarterback behind center now, and it would be nice for him to have a good game in the season finale to have something to build on for next season.  So you decide to try to show everyone that you're some sort of authority figure by dumping the one reliable receiving threat this team has?  (Not counting Jermaine Wiggins, who you've managed to almost completely remove from the offense.)

The more days that go by, the more pathetic offensive performances we see, and the more crap like this we get to witness. . .simply show that Brad Childress has absolutely no damn clue what in the hell he's doing.  What a complete and utter joke.

Man, this pisses me off.  I absolutely can't believe this.