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Random Vikings Stuff

In-betwee watching the coverage of the Saddam execution and watching the Gophers trounce Texas Tech in the Insight Bowl, here's a couple of Vikings-related news tidbits.

Vikings Select Team MVPs

The Vikings players have honored three of their own with the label of Team MVP.  They chose three different MVPs. . .one for the offense, one for the defense, and one for the special teams.

The offensive MVP was, basically, the only player that deserved the title. . .that being running back Chester Taylor.  The free agent pickup has had a fine season, especially when you take into consideration that opposing defenses know that the Vikings are NO threat to throw the football and can gear up to stop #29.

For the year, Taylor has 1,185 yards on 291 carries and five touchdowns.  He's also thrown in 41 catches for 284 yards.

In a race that was undoubtedly closer than the previously mentioned Offensive MVP race, the Vikings' players selected cornerback Antoine Winfield as their Defensive MVP.  Proving that, once again, he's one of the best all-around CBs in the National Football League, Winfield is tied for the team lead in interceptions with four, and has the outright lead in passes defended with 18.  He's also racked up approximately one metric assload of tackles on the season, and has been a big part of the Vikings' #1 ranked rush defense as well as a premiere cover corner.

In my opinion, there were a couple of players that could have gotten this one. . .Winfield and Pat Williams would have been 1 and 1a on my list, I think.  Winfield might be the best player on the Vikings' defense, but Fat Pat is the inspirational leader, and the anchor of the Vikings' defense in general.  But, Winfield is very deserving of the award.  Hell, someday he might even make a Pro Bowl!  (The fact that he hasn't by now is a joke.)

Reserve linebacker Heath Farwell was named the team's special teams MVP.  He's the team leader with 23 special teams tackles, and also has one fumble recovery.  I might have gone with Ryan Longwell here, since he was the Vikings' one real scoring threat for most of the season, but Farwell isn't a bad choice.

(Christ, the Gophers are letting this game become interesting again. . .they're the only team in America capable of this sort of shit.  Man, am I glad I'm not a U of M alum.)

Roster Moves A-Plenty

As reported earlier, both Fred Smoot and Cedric Griffin have been placed on injured reserve.  That means the #2 corner this Sunday is going to be either Ronyell Whitaker or Charles Gordon.  Personally, I'm hoping for the latter. . .largely because Whitaker is terrible.

Defensive end Khreem Smith was promoted to the active roster from the practice squad, as was running back Wendell Mathis.  Wide receiver Martin Nance was promoted prior to the Green Bay game.

The Vikings also claimed CB Michael Hawkins off of waivers from the Cleveland Browns.

I'm not a fantasy football "expert" or anything. . .but if you have Marc Bulger, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Kevin Curtis, etc. . .you probably want to play them on Sunday.  Hell, see if Flipper Anderson is available in your league.  He'll probably put up some numbers on Sunday afternoon, too.

(38-28, Gophers, 5:48 left and Minnesota punting it away.  Good lord.)

That's all for tonight, folks. . .I'm going to finish watching the Gophers screw this game up completely.

Pre-game prep tomorrow sometime.  Have a good one, folks!