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Random Stuff and Blog Bragging

Well, another member of the Vikings' defense has decided he's fed up with the offense's penchant for sucking 31 flavors of ass.  This time, it's free safety Darren Sharper.

"We're just tired of seeing this," said safety Darren Sharper, who watched the Bears accumulate 16 points on Devin Hester's second-quarter punt return, Ricky Manning's third-quarter interception return and a safety in the fourth quarter.

"You want to have every phase of the team working and you can't keep killing yourself," Sharper said. "Just look back at the season and how it's been. If we could have just taken care of the football, that could have accounted for three or four more wins. That changes the season around. It's disappointing because you have people that can make those corrections. It just happens on game day that we don't do it. That's the disappointing factor.

"Everybody gets paid to do a job. If you're not executing your job, changes need to be made."

Can I get an AMEN from the congregation, please?

AMEN, Brother Gonzo!!

You know, I don't know if this is some sort of karmic payback from the days of Daunte and Randy when this team was putting up 28-30 points a game and still finding ways to lose or what.  But it's really quite sad and pathetic, and it needs to come to an end.  It's probably too late to salvage this season (unfortunately), but a change can be made now for the sake of this team's future.

Speaking of changes. . .Brad Childress has yet to name a starter for Sunday's game at Ford Field against the Lions.  However, of the options that Childress might have had, it doesn't sound like Brooks Bollinger is going to be one of them.  The Vikings re-signed Drew Henson to the practice squad yesterday, signaling that Bollinger's shoulder injury is going to leave him unable to go this weekend.

Damn shame, too. . .I honestly think he'd be starting this Sunday if he was healthy.  Unfortunately, I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that we're going to see #14 trot out onto the field on Minnesota's first offensive possession.

looks at sidebar

Never mind. . .

Although coach Brad Childress refused to publicly tip his hand again on Wednesday about the identity of the Minnesota Vikings' starting quarterback on Sunday, sources told that incumbent Brad Johnson is all but certain to retain the job for at least another week.

Johnson worked with the first-unit offense on Wednesday, as backup Brooks Bollinger was sidelined by a separated left (non-throwing) shoulder that figures to keep him out of Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions.

Childress acknowledged that he has informed the quarterbacks of who will start, but did not want to announce his decision.

It's likely that Bollinger, who relieved the struggling Johnson in last week's loss to the Chicago Bears, might have been elevated to the top of the depth chart, if healthy.

As famous French philosopher Pepe le Pew might have said, "Le sigh."

One person who most likely won't be seeing the field for the Vikings this Sunday is running back Chester Taylor, who has been listed as doubtful for this Sunday's game.  Ciatrick Fason, who looked pretty good against Chicago, would take his place as the starter if Taylor is unable to go.

Finally, in site-related news. . .I posted a couple weeks back (16 November, to be exact) that we had gone over the 6,000 hit mark here at The Daily Norseman.  Well, I'm happy to report that on Monday, the odometer clicked past 7,000 hits.

I again just want to take a moment to thank everyone that's taken the time out of their days or out of their spare time to make The Daily Norseman a part of their daily routine.  We're now the #3 site on Google for people that look up "Vikings blog" or "Minnesota Vikings blog."  And one of those sites we're behind, Mr. Cheer or Die's Viking Underground, hasn't had any new material posted to it in nearly 7 months.  I loved CoD's blog when he was running it, and to see this site even beginning to approach the level of a site like that one is an honor.

I know this has been a pretty disappointing season, but rest assured. . .I'm not going anywhere, and neither is this site.  We're going to be pretty heavily into the draft here, and I've got some other ideas for some off-season stuff that will carry us through to next August.

Once again, thanks a lot, everyone!  Have a good rest of your night, and we'll see you back here tomorrow.