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Rehab: Not Just for Quitters Anymore

First off, thanks for the kind words from my fellow bloggers.  As soon as I can get to my GMail account, I'll be sure to register at all of your sites as well so that I can leave comments.  (The network admin folks here on base have determined that GMail is evil or something, so it's blocked.)

So, I'm surfing around this weekend, and head over to the Purple Thoughts board (linked there on the right), and see a thread with the title "ROBINSON BACK IN REHAB."  I was surprised, to say the least.  I clicked on it, and sure enough, a site no less credible than (that may or may not be sarcasm. . .I'll let you decide) was reporting that K-Rob's agent said he had checked himself back into rehab.

But wait!

That night, Robinson himself called into KFAN to deny that he was back in rehab.  His agent, Alvin Keels, who PFT had cited as their source, said that the visit was voluntary and that K-Rob hadn't violated the league's substance abuse policy.  Robinson's explanation?

"I'm not in rehab; it's nothing like that," Robinson said. "I'm taking prevention classes so I won't have to go back to rehab or won't have a situation. I just wanted to get away, make sure I'm bulletproof. So I'm just trying to be proactive. When did it become not cool to be proactive?"

So, after having actually gone for a significant length of time without any real drama, we got a few days of fun out of the K-Rob story.  I've long said that there's no team that gives their fans more value for their entertainment dollar than the Minnesota Vikings. . .and while this turned out to be relatively minor (in my opinion, anyway), it's just more proof of that.