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Another Positional Ranking and Game Threads

Fox Sports has released their wide receiver/tight end positional rankings.  They've got Minnesota down at #17 overall, just behind Green Bay, and the second-rated group in the NFC North.

Once again, I think the ranking is pretty accurate, as is their assessment.  It's not as if the Vikings don't have talent at the WR spots, because they do.  Shoot, the WR depth chart at this point has 3 guys on it that were Top 10 overall draft picks.  We just need to see if this new offensive scheme is going to be the one that finally utilizes the talent that's there.  With the improvement we should see in the Vikings' running game, the play-action pass should be there a lot, which can't hurt matters.

Being ranked behind Green Bay puzzles me somewhat, when you take into consideration that their WR depth chart consists of Donald Driver and complete garbage.  Robert Ferguson is about as worthless as it gets. . .frankly, I don't think he'd even make the Vikings' roster, yet he's the #2 guy in Packerland.  But hey, I guess the folks at Football Outsiders can't get them ALL right. (-:

On the subject of game threads. . .

For pre-season games, I'm going to start 2 "game threads". . .one on the day of the actual game, for those of you that actually live close enough to the MSP area to see the game live (during which I'll likely be in front of my computer listening to the audio feed from KFAN), and a second for when the game is shown on the NFL Network, when the rest of us will finally be able to see it.  Only for the games that applies to, that is. . .if my memory serves me correctly, the Vikes' pre-season opener against Oakland is going to be on ESPN, so there's only going to be one thread for that game.

I apologize for the tardiness of this update.  We got an XBox 360 over the weekend, and my wife and I have been having an insane amount of fun playing Burnout: Revenge.  Hey, I needed something to fill the time before NCAA Football '07 comes out on Tuesday. (-:

Have a good rest of your weekend, folks!