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One Down, One to Go

The Star-Tribune's Vikings blog is reporting that the Purple have signed Tavaris Jackson to a contract, the terms of which were not immediately available.  As soon as something more substantial hits the news wire, you can be sure that you'll find it here.

That means that the only remaining unsigned pick is LB Chad Greenway, who the Vikings took with the 17th overall pick in this year's draft.  Greenway is IN the Twin Cities, but has not finalized his deal as of yet.  However, he has said that he has no intention of getting into camp late.  Here's hoping that the deal gets done in the wee hours of the morning sometime so we can get the kid onto the field.

Rookies are scheduled to report to camp tomorrow.

Also, I have closed the first ever poll question.  After receiving 50 responses to the question of "Who will lead the Vikings in receiving yards in 2006," the final tally is as follows:

Koren Robinson - 25 votes (50%)
Troy Williamson - 12 votes (24%)
Travis Taylor - 4 votes (8%)
Jermaine Wiggins - 3 votes (6%)
Marcus Robinson - 3 votes (6%)
Other - 2 votes (4%)
Billy McMullen - 1 vote (2%)

I would like to personally thank Mrs. McMullen for hitting the site and voting on behalf of her son.

The new question is about the extremely active off-season the Vikings put together in 2006.

Shorter update for now. . .I'm busy celebrating the Twins pimp-slapping the White Sox over the last three days.  Big showdown with Detroit this weekend. . .be sure to hit Twinkie Town, another fine SBNation blog, for the latest.