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New Poll, and a Quandry

I was hoping to bring you the first ever book review today, but my copy of the book I was intending to review hasn't come in yet.  Damn Postal Service.

After a record 53 poll votes (and yes, I know we've only had two polls in the history of the site. . .humor me, damn it), it has been determined that the most important off-season free agent signing the Vikings made was OG Steve Hutchinson.  The final breakdown was as follows:

OG Steve Hutchinson - 32 votes (60%)
RB Chester Taylor - 7 votes (13%)
K Ryan Longwell - 6 votes (11%)
LB Ben Leber - 2 votes (3%)
FB Tony Richardson - 2 votes (3%)
S Dwight Smith - 2 votes (3%)
QB Mike McMahon - 1 vote (1%)
DE DeQuincy Scott - 1 votes (1%)

Neither S Tank Williams or OL Jason Whittle received any votes.  Not too many arguments with the results. . .but I honestly thought that Richardson would be higher.  He's going to be huge for us this season.

So, now then, on to the new poll question. . .a bit self-serving, but we're here to have fun.

In my upcoming fantasy draft. . .well, one of who knows how many I'll end up having, but this is for my most competitive league. . .I've drawn the #4 draft position.  No keepers, nothing like that. . .everybody starts from scratch.

My poll assumes that the first 3 picks are going to be some combination of Larry Johnson, Shaun Alexander, and LaDanian Tomlinson.  Obviously, if any of those guys should happen to fall to #4, they won't be falling to #5.  But I'm going to go way out on a limb and assume that none of them will make it to me.  Who do I go with in that spot?

Back later on today with actual news content. . .hooray, news!