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Greenway Done for the Season?

According to the Star-Tribune:

The Vikings might have suffered a loss far greater than their 16-13 preseason setback against Oakland on Monday night at the Metrodome.

Rookie linebacker Chad Greenway, the Vikings' first-round pick in the NFL draft, left the game in the first quarter because of an injury to his left knee. Greenway will have an MRI this morning, and indications Monday night were that it could be a season-ending tear to his anterior cruciate ligament.

Well. . .this defies all known laws of physics by managing to suck AND blow at the same time.

Stuff like this is exactly the reason why the call by Childress to try to win the game on the last play rather than play 15 minutes of OT was the right call to make.  Here's hoping that everything comes back and that it's just a sprain or something. . .but after seeing the replay a few times, I'm not overly optimistic about that happening.

EDIT: Oh, and one other thing, because I forgot to mention it last night. A big thank you to The Helmet Project for the helmets that I used in the Game Thread last night.