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KROB-FM. . .All Koren, All the Time

Sad that this is what our humble little site here is turning into. . .but hey, it's news.

According to KFAN out of Minneapolis, Robinson was stopped 5 or 6 days ago along the very same stretch of road he was on a couple days ago. . .and cited for not having a valid driver's license.

So, to recap. . .the cops told him not to drive, and he drove anyway.  And not only did he drive, he went out and got totally fitschased before he drove, and then drove about 100 MPH down the same road he had been pulled over on a few days previous.

I wish he had just called a cab and paid the fine to Childress for breaking curfew.  Of course, in this case, I (sadly) think that that would have only delayed the inevitable.