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Don't Look Now

But we're less than 24 hours away from the Vikings' second pre-season game, as they travel to Pittsburgh for a matchup with the World Champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

As far as news out of Vikings came that doesn't involve outtakes from an episode of Cops, the first quarterback off the bench in relief of Brad Johnson is going to be rookie Tavaris Jackson.  Brad Childress made the announcement on this matter yesterday.  Johnson will start and play the first quarter and a half or so, and Jackson will finish the second quarter and play into the third.

He also stressed that this doesn't necessarily mean that he's passed Mike McMahon on the depth chart (and God only knows why not), but he just wants to evaluate Jackson with different personnel around him.  I thought Jackson looked pretty impressive against the Raiders, including a very nice pass that should have given the Vikes a TD that was flat out dropped by Steven "I'm just waiting for the Turk" Jackson.  McMahon, on the other hand, looked relatively awful, which shouldn't come as that big a surprise to anyone that's been paying attention for the last 4-5 years.

Should be an interesting game.  Hopefully the running game can look a whole lot better tomorrow than it did against the Raiders.  Oh, and a friendly reminder that the next three pre-season games will each have two game threads. . .one when the game is played live (and you can get the audio feed from The Game Live, linked over on the right hand side, if you can't see it live where you are), and one for when the game is replayed on the NFL Network.