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Some Humor, Then Back to the Rankings

Found this headline while surfing the 'Net this morning.

Notebook:  Favre bangs calf
Brings a whole new meaning to "try the veal," doesn't it?

Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week.  Tip your waitress.

(EDIT:  The headline has since been change to "Favre injures calf". . .which, I guess, could still carry a similar connotation, but isn't nearly as funny as the original.)

So anyway, back to the Fox Sports/Football Outsiders positional rankings.  When we last left these, they had just finished ranking the WR's and TE's.  Since then, they've done three more groups of rankings:


Defensive Line

Offensive Line

Once again, I really can't argue with any of their rankings as far as the Vikings are concerned.  Most people might look at the D-line ranking as a bit on the low side (18th out of 32), but as of now, it's fairly accurate.  While the line has all the potential in the world, they really haven't done it on the field yet. . .what with Kevin Williams being out of shape last year, Udeze injured frequently, and Erasmus James being late to camp last year.  And now, Fat Pat seems to have gotten a bit TOO fat, as the coaches have temporarily placed him on the "Physically Unable to Perform" list.

If it all comes together, this D-line can be outstanding. . .but we've got to see it on the field.  Also, I think this team is going to miss Lance Johnstone a lot more than anyone wants to think they will.

The LB corps seems to be ranked in just about the right spot, too, in my opinion. . .and, unfortunately, I don't think they have nearly the potential of the DL.  Sure, maybe this is the year that E.J. Henderson and Dontarrious Thomas finally "get it," and Raonall Smith decided this off-season that he'd rather spend time on the Rams' injured reserve list than on the Vikings' injured reserve list (I wasn't aware there was a difference).  I love me some Chad Greenway, and I've heard some good things about Ben Leber, but I'm afraid that this unit is going to continue to be the Achilles heel of the Vikings defense.

Which brings us to the O-line. . .and I'm pleasantly surprised to see the Vikings ranking.  To be honest, this is the best line we've had in a LONG time.  And if I may be so bold as to say so, I'm not sure if I can name an O-line in the NFL with a better left side than McKinnie/Hutchinson/Birk (if Birk is healthy, as is being reported).  Marcus Johnson should improve this year, now that he's not being shuffled back and forth between RG and RT. . .if the right side of the line can get itself worked out, the O-line could make this offense legitimately dangerous again.

That's all for now, folks. . .doing PT in 95 degree heat with all this humidity has given me the overwhelming urge to crawl into bed and sleep for about a week.