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The Quarterback Quandry

As you can see, there's a new poll up on yonder right-hand side about the Vikings' QB depth chart.  This was brought up in the comments a couple of posts down, so I'll try to further expand on it here.

If Tarvaris Jackson isn't the #2 QB on the depth chart right now, I think Brad Childress well and truly needs to have his head examined.  Not just because Jackson has looked good to this point in the pre-season, but because Mike McMahon and J.T. O'Sullivan have looked absolutely putrid.  O'Sullivan doesn't surprise me that much, considering he's never seen action in a meaningful NFL game, but McMahon. . .good lord, has he been terrible (as has been previously detailed).

So we know that Brad Johnson is the starter, and that Jackson is going to be on the roster in some capacity.  But what do we do for a #2 or #3 QB at this point?  I know I certainly don't want to be relying on McMahon or O'Sullivan at this point in time.

The only problem is. . .the players available at the quarterback position in free agency at this point fall somewhere within the range of "meh" and "GOOD GOD, NO!!"  According to, we're looking at a list that consists of

Kerry Collins
Tony Banks
Jay Fiedler
Jeff Blake
Tommy Maddox
Ty Detmer

and a cast of. . .a few more, none of which are all that noteworthy.  Except Kordell Stewart.

(Stop looking at me like that. . .I'm just the messenger.)

Collins isn't going to come here to be the backup, and that's fine.  After him. . .well, the list is pretty nondescript.  And by "nondescript," I mean "horrible."

As far as trading for a QB. . .now really isn't the time to do that sort of thing, in my opinion.  They'd have to learn the whole offense without the benefit of camp and all that fun stuff.  So, it appears we may be stuck with what we have this year.  Take that for what you will.