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New NFL Blogs at SBNation

Over the course of the last few days, we've had some new blogs added to the family.  The first one is run by John and is called the Mile High Report and, in case the picture didn't give it away, it has nothing to do with having sex on airplanes.  Unless you're Catherine the Great or something.  No, as you probably guessed, it's a Denver Broncos blog.  Stop on by and check it out!

The other one is run by another Chris.  It's called Big Cat Country and is all about the Jacksonville Jaguars.  As long as you're leaving to go and check out our other spectacular football blogs anyway, swing by there, too.

SBNation now has almost half of the teams in the NFL represented, and the NFC North is still in a race with the AFC North for being the first division to have all four of its teams represented.  The AFC North still needs a Ravens' blog, while we here in the NFC North still. . .ugh. . ."need" a Packers' blog.  So, if you know any Packer fans that can read, write, AND have internet access, send them in the directions of the folks at SBNation.  You may or may not need to sumbit photographic evidence of such a creature's existence, I don't know.

Oh, and if you're up reading this, we're less than half an hour away from the re-broadcast of last night's Vikings/Ravens game on the NFL Network.  Grab some breakfast and enjoy!