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Koren Robinson and 7 Others Cut

In a move that comes as no surprise to anyone with a couple of functioning synapses and an IQ greater than 5, the Minnesota Vikings released WR Koren Robinson, along with 7 other players yesterday.

I'm sure there will be a grievance filed at some point over this.  Robinson's already lost about $11 million at this point because of what he's done (he's gotten about $1.1 million of a $12.7 million contract). . .he's got to try to save face somehow, I suppose.

The other players that were cut were

OT Sean Bubin
DT Manase Hopoi
WR Aaron Hosack
FB Brandon Jones
LB Marcus Lawrence
S Ahmad Treaudo
OG Mark Wilson

Is it just me, or have we cut Sean Bubin 7 or 8 times in the past few years?  Is he like Milton from Office Space and just keeps showing up without being on the payroll or something?