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Random Observations

Well, since we've gone a few days without any Vikings getting arrested or anything, let me take a look at a couple things from around the league.

-Last night, I sat down to watch the MNF game between the Cincinnati Bengals and The Worst and Least Talented Team in the NFL (TM me. . .go ahead, tell me I'm wrong). The more I listen to the new MNF announce team, the more I like them. Kornheiser is funny, Tirico is solid, and Theismann is appreciably less annoying than he is when he's got Paul Maguire sitting next to him. Here's hoping that Theismann doesn't drag Tony K. down.

-The Raiders have signed Jeff George. I can only assume that Daryle LaMonica was busy. The Raiders should really consider changing their slogan from "Committment to Excellence" to "The Jokes Just Write Themselves."

-The Texans might flat-out cut Domanick Davis. This is probably more important to fantasy nerds than to those of us that don't class themselves under that heading.

(goes to his various leagues to see if Vernand Morencey is available)

Okay, I'm back.

-Kerry Collins has signed with the Titans. Yeah, that'll help. And by "that'll help," what I really mean is "they're still a 5-win team at best."

-A.J. Feeley has been released by San Diego, and the Vikings are rumored to be interested. Yeah. . .because we just don't have enough crappy guys competing for the #3 QB job at the moment.