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Open Thread, Pre-Season Game #4

Minnesota Vikings at Dallas Cowboys
Texas Stadium
Dallas, Texas

Thanks again to The Helmet Project for the above helmet graphics.

Well, last pre-season game for the Vikes tonight. One of the "major" stories in this one (if you could call it that) is that Mike McMahon will NOT be playing tonight to allow Coach Childress to get a better look at J.T. O'Sullivan. I'm not sure how much more of a look he needs, although I suppose O'Sullivan didn't do a whole lot against the Ravens other than hand off. (Of course, he wasn't going to play at all against the Ravens, either.)

Childress might be looking at other QBs to bring to Minnesota in the event that he's as thoroughly unimpressed with both McMahon and O'Sullivan as I am. One QB that WON'T be coming to Minnesota is A.J. Feeley, who was released by the Chargers a few days ago and signed with the Eagles yesterday.

As has been detailed in previous posts, the pickin' at QB is mighty slim. Jay Fiedler was just released, and he'd be a significant upgrade over McMahon or O'Sullivan, in my opinion. Former Cowboy Drew Henson is available, too, although I'm not sure if he'd be an upgrade or not.

I don't expect a whole lot to happen in tonight's game. . .at least I'll be listening to the game on the Vikings' network on The Game Live. I just hope that PA and Joe Senser don't spend as much time debating TO as ESPN or NBC would if this game was being nationally televised.

Hope to see you here!