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About Last Night

Well, after having to head to bed before the end of last night's game, I woke up to see that the Purple had played to a tie with the Cowboys.  Meh. . .it's pre-season.  I'm not overly concerned about wins and losses.  All I know is that the Vikings' first-stringers performed pretty well when they were in there with the Dallas first-stringers, particularly the run defense, which has been great for the better part of the pre-season.  Just hope it can carry over into the regular season.

The NFL Network re-broadcast of last night's game is going to take place today at Noon Central time.  As I'm currently at work (and will be until 4 PM) and my workplace doesn't have the NFL Network, I will be unable to view the re-broadcast.  This sucks.

A couple of things that got mentioned in the game thread last night. . .

-The Vikings dealt DT C.J. Mosley and an undisclosed draft pick (believed to be a 7th rounder) to the New York Jets in exchange for QB Brooks Bollinger.  So, in accordance with the majority of respondents to the most recent poll, it appears as though Mike McMahon and J.T. O'Sullivan will both be cut, and Bollinger will be one of the reserve QBs.

I think this is a decent move by Minnesota.  Mosley was likely going to be cut anyway. . .then again, so was Bollinger, I think.  Bollinger has a career QB rating of right around 73. . .this is a hell of a lot better than Mike McMahon's 55.1 or J.T. O'Sullivan's 0.0.  Of course, he's going to be the third-string QB. . .the list of teams that wouldn't be utterly screwed if they were down to their #3 QB is very short.  But I do think we have a better insurance policy now than what we had 24 hours ago.

-Devonte Edwards, who had been penciled into the nickle back slot, injured his arm in the game last night while making a tackle on Dallas' Patrick Crayton.  No word on the exact nature of the injury, but Greg Coleman said on the KFAN broadcast last night that Edwards immediately pointed to his shoulder, which probably means it's a separation of some sort.

I'm not sure if this makes NFL Europe star Ronyell Whitaker or rookie Cedric Griffin the nickle guy in Edwards' absence.  But I do think they're the most likely candidates for the job.

And, if you've noticed the countdown at the top of the page, we're only 10 1/2 days away from the REAL season opener when the Vikings take on the Redskins.  Sure, every other team in the league will have already played before that. . .but we know it's not officially football season until the Vikings kick off. (-: