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Full List of Vikings Cuts

Taken from the Star-Tribune's Vikings Blog

TE Richard Angulo
CB Tony Beckham
WR Josh Davis
LB Rod Davis
RB Adimchinobe Echemandu
CB Dustin Fox
CB Charles Gordon
WR Ryan Hoag
FB Steven Jackson
WR Chris Jones
WR Kevin Kasper
OG Chris Liwienski
LB Kyle McKenzie
QB Mike McMahon
QB J.T. O'Sullivan
S Willie Offord
C Jason Palermo
OL Donald Penn
DE DeQuincy Scott
DE Khreem Smith
DT Eric Taylor

Slight bit of misinformation from earlier. . .Adam Goldberg was not released.  He was traded to the St. Louis Rams for an undisclosed draft pick.

Hey, I guess we'll get the 7th rounder back that we sent with C.J. Mosley to the Jets in the Bollinger deal.  Works for me.

There's a few names that I'm surprised to see on this list. . .hence the new poll on the right hand side over there.  There's a few names that I'm surprised aren't on it, too.  cough*BillyMcMullen*cough  More discussion on this later.