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New NFL Blog at SBNation

Yes, the number of NFL blogs here at SportsBlogs Nation has officially increased to 15. Jimmy over at Music City Miracles will be keeping everyone up to date on all the news that is news with the Tennessee Titans. Go over and have a look around the place. . .even if the Vikings don't play Tennessee again until 2008 (if my memory serves me correctly).

This also brings a third division into the race to be the first fully-represented NFL division on SBNation. Our beloved NFC North, of course, has three teams represented (with the fourth not being of enough significance to even mention here), as does the AFC North (lacking only a Ravens blog) and, as of now, the AFC South (only the Texans are not represented).

If you're scoring at home (or even if you're by yourself), there are now officially 9 AFC blogs here at SBNation to only 6 NFC blogs. I hope this evens out in the very near future.

Game preview tomorrow. . .big game on Sunday. Have a good one, folks!