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WTF is up in Las Vegas?

You know, I should really know better than to read too much into point spreads.  But in surfing around the internet this morning, I couldn't help but notice this for opening weekend.

Seattle (-4) at Detroit
Minnesota at Washington (-5)

So let me get this straight. . .

The folks that make the books in Vegas are convinced that the gap between the Detroit Lions (5-11 last year) and the defending NFC Champions is smaller than the gap between the Vikings (9-7 last year) and a team that

a) only finished one game better than Minnesota in 2005,
b) has a first-string offense that didn't reach the end zone. . .hell, didn't reach the RED zone. . .in 4 pre-season games, and
c) has a good chance of being without one of the best running backs in the league for this game?

Is that seriously what I'm seeing here?

Could this team possibly be getting a little LESS respect?  I'm guessing they could. . .I'm not sure how, but they probably could.