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Hey, Guess Who's Interested in K-Rob!

League moves may include Robinson return

Teams continue shaking up their rosters with news that shakes up the football world.

The latest comes from Green Bay, where free agent wide receiver Koren Robinson visited with Packers officials Sunday and Monday before leaving without a contract, sources close to the situation confirmed.

Funny. . .I get e-mails from Packer fans. . .I'm on a lot of message boards with Packer fans. . .and from the impression I get from them, their roster is filled with players that spend their Saturdays working at soup kitchens and helping old ladies across the street.

Why on earth would they want someone as "impure" as Koren Robinson?  Is Koren Robinson really "Packer People?"

Meh. . .maybe they'll give him a sizeable chunk of change before he ends up doing time. . .he's going to need something to barter with if he ends up going where it appears he's headed.

On the bright side. . .hell, he's not our problem any more.