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Just a Couple of Things

I'm going back to bed here in a bit, but there's a few things that I want to put out here.

First of all, I've been mistaken about the "Five Questions" segment that I'll be a part of here in the next day or two.  Even though the Q&A will be also be posted at Hogs Haven within the SBNation community, the actual Q&A will be taking place with Ben Folsom, who runs a completely separate Redskins' blog called The Curly R.  Due to a misunderstanding. . .and my lack of ability to read and comprehend the English language. . .I have neglected to mention this prior to now.  To Ben and the other readers that have come here from the Curly R, I apologize for my error.

Second, we have a new Vikings' community linked over on the right-hand side there.  It's the Viking Army message board.  Head on over to check it out!

Lastly, we need to get the word out about and continue making this the best damn Vikings' site on the Internet.  Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your pets. . .and don't think that your pets can't surf the internet.  I'm convinced that Cosmo, one of my dogs, does it while my wife and I are at work.  That would explain the kitty porn on my hard drive.

Get it?  "Kitty" porn?

Man, I really do need to go back to bed.