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Fighting the Malaise

Just a couple of hours away from the start of a four-day weekend for your humble blogmaster blog master blogmeister guy that runs this here blog.  Let's have a look around the dial and see what kind of news we can find here.

--A few Vikings were deemed worthy of All-Pro status by various entities.  DT Kevin Williams made the honest-to-goodness AP All-Pro first team, as well as the All-Pro team of ESPN football writer Len Pasquarelli.  Guard Steve Hutchinson was named as a second team AP All-Pro, as well as a member of writer Peter King's squad.  Lastly, DT Pat Williams was named as an All-Pro by's Paul "Dr. Z" Zimmerman.

Congratulations to all three of those players for being recognized this season.

--Vikings' defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin has interviewed for approximately 206 different jobs since the season ended.  He's been named as a head coaching candidate (or at least been interviewed) in Pittsburgh, Miami, and Atlanta.

--Safety Dwight Smith is going to please guilty to getting busy in a Burger King bathroom. . .er, hotel stairwell. . .with something from Wisconsin.  The report said it was a female. . .as she was from Wisconsin, the immediate follow-up question would be "A female what?"

Other than that, not a whole hell of a lot else to report at the moment.  We'll get into some deeper stuff over the course of my long weekend.  Continue enjoying your Thursday, ladies and gentlemen!