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An Interesting Ethical Question

Before I get into the new poll over on the right hand side, let me review the results of the previous poll, since it had been up for a while.

We got a whopping 100 votes for this one, by far our biggest poll ever. . .and you folks came to the conclusion that Antoine Winfield was the Vikings' best player in 2006.  The final results:

Who was the Vikings' best player in 2006?

CB Antoine Winfield - 33%
DT Pat Williams - 23%
RB Chester Taylor - 16%
DT Kevin Williams - 15%
LB E.J. Henderson - 11%
Other - 2%

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand since those two people that voted for "other" didn't bother to leave any comments, I don't need to include an "also receiving votes" section or anything like that.

Now, on to our new poll question. . ."Would you cheer for a rival NFCN team to do well in the post-season?"  Let me address my personal feelings on the matter.

The short, simple answer:  No.

The slightly longer, slightly more complex answer:  Hell no.

The complete answer:  Sweet Jesus Christ, no, are you fucking joking?

I can't understand why any Viking fan worth their salt would cheer for Chicago or Green Bay or (to a lesser extent) Detroit to do well in the playoffs and potentially win a championship.

Now, I'll leave Detroit out of this for the time being, because. . .well, with all due respect to Sean, the Lions really haven't done terribly well in the post-season in recent NFL history.  But if either Green Bay or Chicago were to line up against the Al-Qaeda Travelling All-Stars, I'd be highly inclined to cheer for the guys wearing the turbans.*

Why is this, exactly?

Because I know full well that, given the opportunity (and, believe me, the opportunities have been there), I'm 99.99999% sure that no Bear or Packer fan would "lower" themselves to cheering for Minnesota.  It would shatter the perceived. . .and, quite frankly, completely unwarranted. . .sense of superiority that Chicago fans and Green Bay fans believe they hold over Viking fans.

Ignoring the fact that Chicago couldn't even fill their home stadium for a division round playoff game last weekend.

The Bears piled up 371 yards of offense despite losing 31 on three sacks of Grossman. They gave up 108 rushing yards to 2005 season Most Valuable Player Shaun Alexander and lost momentum at times in a game they appeared to dominate early in front of a crowd of 55,525, many of whom had a little extra seating space because of 6,659 no-shows..

Ignoring the fact that Packer fans cheered like idiots when Nathan Poole was given a key to the city of Green Bay for helping them back into the playoffs in 2003 (in what was, truly, one of the most classless things that an NFL team has ever done), yet cried like little bitches when the Vikings walked into Lambeau Field the next season and destroyed their beloved team in a playoff loss that was embarassing even by Brett Favre standards.  Why?  Because Randy Moss, who was better on one leg that day than any member of the Packer defense was on two, PRETENDED TO PULL HIS PANTS DOWN!  (Oh, the humanity!  Hide the women and children!)

If you don't think that Bear fans and Packer fans are superior in every imaginable way to Viking fans. . .just ask one of them.

So, no. . .I won't be cheering for the Bears this weekend (or any other weekend).  Not now, and not ever.  I won't be cheering for the Packers, either.  Not now, and not ever.  Why?  Because I know for damn sure that nobody that cheers for either of those teams would dare cheer for us.  Not now, and not ever.

Give us your thoughts, ladies and gentlemen! It takes approximately 30 seconds to sign up for an account, and then we can get into a serious discussion on the matter.

* - Before I get any hate mail. . .no, I'm not a terrorist. . .no, I don't hate America. . .it's called hyperbole, ladies and gentlemen.