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Mike Tomlin: He Gone!


Mike Tomlin, defensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings, has been chosen as the Pittsburgh Steelers' new head coach, has learned.

The official announcement will come either later Saturday or on Sunday.

Tomlin, 34, impressed the Steelers during the interview process with his organization skills, intelligence and grasp of the game, according to a source familiar with the coaching search.

Great.  Beautiful.  Wonderful.  Fan-fricking-tastic.

The Vikings now have exactly ZERO coaches on the payroll that are worth a damn.  Awesome.

Well. . .now we have to look at who the Vikings can get to replace him.

Congratulations to Mike Tomlin.  Lord knows he deserves this opportunity. . .I just didn't think he'd be getting it quite this soon.

If anyone needs me for anything, I'll just be over here in the corner. . .lighting myself on fire.

Update [2007-1-20 16:13:51 by Gonzo]:Now is saying that Tomlin has NOT officially accepted the job yet.

The Steelers have narrowed their wish list of candidates to replace Bill Cowher to three names -- Russ Grimm, Ron Rivera and Mike Tomlin -- but have not yet made a decision on their next head coach.

A report on Sports Illustrated's Web site,, on Saturday indicated that Tomlin had been chosen as the successor to Cowher, but the Vikings' defensive coordinator told ESPN's Chris Mortensen that no decision had been made.

"It is untrue," Tomlin said of the report. "I have no idea where it's coming from. I have not talked to the Rooneys today."

Sources also told's John Clayton that the report was incorrect, and the Steelers are not expected to make a decision Saturday.

The team also did not confirm the report Saturday.

"We have heard all the rumors, and we have nothing to confirm at this point," Steelers spokesman Dave Lockett said, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

God bless journalistic integrity.