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I'M Out of Order? YOU'RE Out of Order!

The entire freaking SYSTEM is out of order!

To review today's events. . .

1.  Early this afternoon,'s Michael Silver reported that Mike Tomlin had been hired as the new head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

At this time, I proceeded to set about lighting myself on fire, as reported earlier here at DN.

2.  Then, shortly after that, Chris Mortensen and the rest of the folks at ESPN and were reporting that Mike Tomlin has NOT, in fact, been named the new head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  They had quoted Tomlin as saying that he hadn't even been contacted by the Rooney family this afternoon concerning the job.

My wife poured a bucket of water on me, I had a quick shower to remove the gasoline smell, and we went out to run a few errands.

3.  As my wife and I were coming back from our errands, the folks on ESPN Radio said that Chris Mortensen was now confirming that Mike Tomlin was going to be named the Steelers' new head coach.

I start searching for the gas can again.

<Steven A. Smith mode>


</Steven A. Smith mode>

4.  There's a report coming from a Pittsburgh newspaper that was put up approximately two hours ago that says the Steelers have NOT, in fact, decided on a head football coach as of yet.

So. . .what's really going on?  Hell, I don't know. . .I'm just some guy with a blog.  Seriously.  I want to know what's happening as much as the next guy, but there's been so many conflicting stories over the course of the last 8-10 hours that I have no idea what the heck is happening next.

But, we'll definitely be staying tuned to see what DOES happen next. . .and as soon as we know, it'll be up here at DN.

Update [2007-1-21 1:38:20 by Gonzo]:

5. Let's throw another log on the fire, shall we?

Steelers choose Grimm, source says

Russ Grimm has been offered and has accepted the Steelers' head coaching position, a source in Pittsburgh confirmed late Saturday.

Grimm, 47, succeeds Bill Cowher, who coached the Steelers for 15 seasons before resigning Jan. 5. The hiring of Grimm will be announced Monday at a news conference.

ESPN and, Sports Illustrated's Web site, reported yesterday that Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin had been chosen to replace Cowher.

An NFL source confirmed yesterday that Tomlin had not heard from the Steelers and no contract negotiations had taken place.

So. . .either the Steelers have two new head coaches. . .or somebody's full of crap on this one.