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But Wait. . .It CAN Get Worse!

Not only does yours truly have to deal with another two weeks of obnoxious e-mails from the legions of mouth-breathers that make up the vast majority of one of the two most annoying fan bases in pro sports with Chicago heading to the Super Bowl. . .

(Seriously, if you want to hear from some folks in desperate need of a full frontal lobotomy, run a Vikings' website sometime.  I've seen stuff that makes Rain Man sound like Perry Mason.  Thank God that Chicago and Green Bay can never meet in the Super Bowl. . .I can't imagine the confluence of complete and utter retardation that would flow into my Inbox.)

. . .but, apparently, the Mike Tomlin to Pittsburgh thing is official, according to Kevin Seifert of the Star-Tribune.

The reports are true. Although the Steelers are not expected to announce anything until tomorrow, Vikings defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin is leaving to become Pittsburgh's next head coach.'s Jay Glazer was the first to make the definitive report today.