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Super Bowl Set

The NFL's championship matchup has been set after last night's NFC and AFC Championship Games.

Congratulations to the Indianapolis Colts for a very impressive comeback victory over the New England Patriots, 38-34.  After years of hearing about how they couldn't get it done in a big game, Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy are heading to the big show.

A more begrudging congratulations go out to the Chicago Bears, who looked impressive in knocking off the New Orleans Saints 39-14.  They were the best team in the conference for pretty much the entire season, and will be representing the NFC in Miami.

Still not cheering for them. . .mainly for reasons that were detailed in one of the posts I made over the weekend (scroll down).  On top of that, Tony Dungy's Minnesota connection makes him the easy choice to cheer for. . .even if it does mean rooting for Peyton Manning.