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You Know What's Great?

Tipsy McStagger Enters Plea in Police Chase

What's great is that despite the fact that he signed a contract with the Packers 4 or 5 months ago, the Associated Press doesn't dare refer to this piece of gutter trash as "Green Bay Packers' wide receiver Koren Robinson."  Oh, no. . .he's "former Minnesota Viking Koren Robinson."

I guess it helps them keep in line with the rule of "every National Football League player that does anything bad must play for either Cincinnati, Minnesota, or San Diego."

This worthless sack is Green Bay's problem.  The media should refer to him as such. . .the trash got picked up from our curbside months ago.

I'm so tired of national media jagoffs pulling this crap. If this guy would have had 1,200 receiving yards and 10 TDs this year in Green Bay, he sure as hell wouldn't be "former Minnesota Viking Koren Robinson."

I wonder if this team will ever get to the point where we're the ones getting our asses kissed on a regular basis. Lord knows we've been getting dirt kicked on us for long enough.