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Vikes News A-Plenty

Well. . .the season's only been over for three days, and the off-season already sucks.  That has to be a new record of some sort.

--In a minor roster move, the Vikings signed former Baltimore WR Randy "Busta" Hymes to a contract.  In 3 full seasons over 4 years (he missed the 2003 season after rupturing an ACL), he's caught 43 passes for 578 yards and 4 touchdowns.  He also hasn't caught a pass since 2005.

Baby steps, folks. . .baby steps.

The Vikings also signed some players that had spent time on their practice squad, most notably WR Maurice Mann. . .and, presumably, his Rare Earth Band.

(There's nothing notable about that, really. . .I just wanted to go for the easy joke. . .one I'm pretty sure I've used before, at that.  Yep, it's the off-season.)

--Vikings' color analyst Joe Senser won't be sitting next to Paul Allen next season on the KFAN radio broadcasts of the Minnesota Vikings.  Senser announced that he wasn't going to be returning, due in large part to the restrictions that Brad Childress has placed on his ability to speak with the players.  I always thought Senser was a pretty good color guy. . .then again, I've been a big fan of Paul Allen and Joe Senser since they became the voices of the Vikings a few years ago.  They're both homers, and I love it. . .I want to hear announcers get as excited and/or as pissed off as I do during Vikings' games.

--Mike Tomlin is rumored to be in Atlanta doing an interview for the Falcons' vacant head coaching position.  As the one coach that actually seemed competent this season, it would be pretty terrible to lose him to the Falcons after only one season as our defensive coordinator.  This defense is a pass rusher away from being special, and I think the Vikings will find a way to get one, one way or another.

Don't get me wrong. . .Tomlin's going to be a head coach in the NFL someday.  I just don't want it to be now, that's all.

And some other random stuff. . .

--In case you'd forgotten, the Packers still suck.

--Matt Millen will be staying on as the President/GM of the Detroit Lions.  Seriously, Millen has to have pictures of members of the Ford family in compromising positions with various livestock or something.  There's no logical explanation as to why he's still employed, so that works as well as anything else.

If Hallmark made cards for this kind of thing, I'd send one to the folks over at Pride of Detroit.  Then again, this DOES almost guarantee that the Vikings will finish at least 3rd in the NFC North next year.

--Vince Young was named Offensive Rookie of the Year.  They would have presented him with the trophy sooner, but they had to get a new trophy to replace the one that's had "Reggie Bush" engraved on it since April.

Demeco Ryans of the Texans won the Defensive Rookie of the Year award.

That's everything for tonight, folks. . .have a good rest of your Wednesday!