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The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

People around the NFL are, apparently, puzzled by the fact that the Vikings haven't already named a new defensive coordinator to replace Mike Tomlin on the Vikings' sidelines.  There have been a few names mentioned (mostly the ones named by yours truly on this site a post or two down from here). . .but the longer I think about it, the most logical explanation would be that they're waiting to talk to someone on either the Indianapolis coaching staff or the Chicago coaching staff.  Makes sense to me. . .the Vikings can't talk to anyone on either staff until after this Sunday's game, but each team appears to have a candidate that would be a good fit for the defense the Vikings are currently running.  I'm sure that the Vikes, who will be hiring their seventh defensive coordinator in the last nine seasons.  Foge Fazio (1) retired after the 1999 season, and since then the Vikings have been through Emmitt Thomas (2), Willie Shaw (3), George O'Leary (4), Ted Cottrell (5), and Mike Tomlin (6).

From Chicago, the name on the tongues of most observers is LB coach Bob Babich.  Babich, the former head coach at North Dakota State University, is rumored to be the guy that would replace Ron Rivera as Chicago's DC if he were to move on to a head coaching position, as has long been rumored.  In Rivera's case, it's not a matter of "if" he's going to be a head coach in the NFL, but a matter of "when."  But if "when" isn't going to be this year (and, unless the Cowboys go crazy, it doesn't appear as though it will be), then Babich might be interested in taking the DC position in Minnesota.

The candidate from the Colts' side is defensive backs coach Alan Williams.  To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about Williams myself.  He's been the Colts' DB coach for the last 5 years, and worked in Tampa Bay prior to that.  He's another younger coach (age 37). . .haven't heard his name a heck of a lot prior to now, but he might be an easier "get" than Babich would be.

All things being equal, I think I'd prefer Babich if it came down to these two candidates.  He's apparently being groomed for a DC job somewhere down the line, and weakening a division rival is always nice.  Oh, and he's a fellow NoDak. . .always good for points in my book.

Hopefully this whole thing will be resolved soon after the final gun sounds in Miami.