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We Shouldn't Be Giving Anyone Bulletin Board Material

For the love of Tarkenton, what is Darren Sharper thinking here?

"Does it concern me? I'm never concerned about a tight end. Never," Sharper said during a conference call with Chicago reporters Wednesday. "I played corner when I came into the league. If a tight end catches the ball on me, then I need to be fired."

Look, I loves me some Darren Sharper.  I chuckle a bit almost every week knowing that the greatest safety in Green Bay Packer history is finishing his career and being extremely productive in Minnesota.  But, seriously, we're 1-3, tight ends have killed us over the last season or so, and the Bears' tight ends are pretty damn good.  Greg Olsen looks like he's the real deal, and Desmond Clark isn't too shabby either.  In addition, I'd be willing to bet the Bears go to the TEs a lot on Sunday, considering that a) Bernard Berrian isn't going to be 100% (and he didn't participate in practice again today), b) Mushin Muhammad sucks out loud, and c) Cedric Benson doesn't. . .and shouldn't. . .scare the Vikings' defense even a little.

A 1-3 team doesn't have any business giving another team bulletin board material, particularly going into that team's house in what's going to be THE game that defines their season.

Hopefully this won't get any worse between now and Sunday.  Let's concentrate on getting ready for the Bears, shall we?