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Random Stream of Consciousness

Final post-mortem on Sunday's game will be up tonight at some point.  For now, here's just a few random football things to ponder.

-During last night's. . .yawn. . .epic Giants/Falcons game on Monday Night Football, the topic of Adrian Peterson came up, and Tony Kornheiser observed that "teams would start game planning for Peterson now and will be better able to stop him."  (Slightly paraphrased.)

Now, anyone that's followed this site or knows me knows that I love Mr. Tony.  He's not super great on MNF or anything, but hey. . .he's not Joe Theismann, either.  But, let me pose the following question:

Who, exactly, does Tony think that the Bears were game planning for this past Sunday?  Visanthe Shiancoe?  Bobby Wade, perhaps?

Yes, I bet the Bears were totally shocked when Adrian Peterson got 25+ touches on Sunday.

-Are the Vikings going to deal Mewelde Moore?  If they are, there's a pretty good chance that he's NOT going to Tampa Bay, because the Bucs have apparently acquired former Vikings RB Michael Bennett from the Kansas City Chiefs for a fourth-round pick, which is believed to be the asking price for Moore at this point.  Bennett really hasn't done anything since he went to Kansas City. . .honestly, he hasn't done much since 2002, when he ran for almost 1,300 yards.  But, that just means he should be relatively fresh for the Bucs, I guess.

-Adrian Peterson has just scored again.

-Remember this off-season when the Vikings were looking for a replacement for Mike Tomlin at defensive coordinator, and Bears' defensive coordinator (then linebackers coach) Bob Babich said that he "could care less about the Minnesota Vikings job?"

You know what I say now?  The same thing I said then.  That being "Good. . .screw you, Bob."

I'm a North Dakota native. . .and when Rocky Hager left North Dakota State after building a great D-II level program, the team was handed over to Babich.  Babich proceeded to take that program and run it straight into the ground, including going 2-9 in his final season in Fargo before he bailed out.  It appears that he's chosen to do the same thing to the Chicago Bears' defense.  I'm glad he didn't bring his arrogant ass here.  Maybe Ron Rivera had more to do with things in Chicago the past couple years than anyone wants to admit.

(For the record, in the post-Babich era, NDSU has transitioned from D-II to I-AA. . .and are currently the #1 ranked team in I-AA football.  They sure as hell wouldn't have done THAT under Bob Babich, either.)

-Another reminder. . .the replay of The Adrian Peterson Game will be on the NFL Network at 8 PM Eastern/7 PM Central this evening.  You can watch it, and then at 9 Eastern/8 Central, you can tune into the SBNation Sports Report.  Keep the game on in the background, though. . .I don't want you to miss anything.

That's all for now, folks. . .Scarlett/Rosie coming later on tonight, so stay tuned for that.  Continue enjoying your Tuesday, folks!