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Gonzo's Fearless Football Forecast - Week 7

After a few weeks of not including it, I've finally gotten my record compiled and have (somehow) managed to be over .500 for the season to this point.  I also seem to be falling into a sort of good week/bad week pattern.

Week 1:  10-6
Week 2:  8-8
Week 3:  10-6
Week 4:  7-7
Week 5:  12-2
Week 6:  8-5

Total Overall Record:  55-34

So, without further ado, here are this week's selections.  As always, I won't throw the score of the Vikings' game up here until the Open Thread.

Baltimore at Buffalo
Atlanta at New Orleans
Arizona at Washington
San Francisco at New York Giants
New England at Miami
Tennessee at Houston*
Tampa Bay at Detroit
Kansas City at Oakland
New York Jets at Cincinnati
St. Louis at Seattle
Chicago at Philadelphia
Pittsburgh at Denver
Indianapolis at Jacksonville

* - Based on reports that Kerry Collins is going to start for the Titans instead of Vince Young.  This pick MAY CHANGE between now and kickoff as the news trickles in from the pre-game shows.