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Jeff George? Seriously?

Apparently, yes.

Want a blast from the past?

Quarterback Jeff George hopes the Vikings give him a chance to repeat his performance in 1999, when he led the team to an 8-2 finish and a victory over the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs.

Around lunch time on Monday, George contacted Paul Allen, the voice of the Vikings and the co-host of a morning show on KFAN-AM, to gauge the team's interest.

George told the Pioneer Press Monday afternoon that he is intrigued by the potential of the Vikings offense as well as a chance to work with second-year quarterback Tarvaris Jackson.

Sweet Jeebus.

I don't know what's worse. . .the fact that this is even being brought up, or the fact that, quite frankly, this really isn't the worst idea I've heard all day.

Of course, I don't see it happening. . .if for no other reason than George might actually be able to read a defense and/or complete a forward pass, things that quarterbacks in the Brad Childress system really aren't required to do.