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Adrian Peterson is Better Than Your Team's Running Back

Ho-hum. . .another week, another award for 2007 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Adrian Peterson.

Peterson was named the NFC Offensive Rookie of the Month for the month of October. As he won the award for September as well, it marks the first repeat Rookie of the Month awards the league has seen since Jeremy Shockey and Dwight Freeney both accomplished the feat back in 2002.

The league ought to do themselves a favor and just engrave the kid's name on the trophies for November and December, too. Seriously, who's going to take them from him?

What's even more impressive is the fact that Peterson won this award for October despite the Vikings only having three games during the calendar month. In those three games, Peterson carried the ball 52 times for 357 yards (6.9 ypc) and 4 touchdowns.

The Vikings just have a ridiculous amount of talent at running back, especially when you look at the sorry schlubs that the rest of the NFC North is lining up at that spot. Any of Minnesota's top three backs, whether it's Peterson, Chester Taylor, or little-used Mewelde Moore, would be the unquestioned #1 option for any of the other three teams in this division. The gap in talent between Minnesota's running backs and the rest of the division's RBs might be the biggest gap in talent between any position group in any division in football. I'm really happy that we're going to be building an offense around #28 for the foreseeable future. Nobody in the division can stop him now. . .I don't see that changing.