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Aaron Rodgers is a Funny Guy

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Well, since we know that Aaron Rodgers isn't much of a quarterback, at least it's nice to know that he's got a promising future in stand-up comedy.

"All I'll say about Sharper is, he's talking a little bit too much," said Rodgers. "(Favre) has been the brunt of his comments. If he was a Pro Bowler saying it, that would be one thing.

"He's a guy that relies on his instincts. They keep him out of the box because he doesn't like to tackle very much. He's just playing his half of the field trying to rob routes by reading the quarterback's eyes. I saw Chad Johnson run right by him last year . . . because he's slow. He's a good receiving free safety."

Dear Aaron Rodgers,

You're in your third season in the National Football League.  During that entire time, you've yet to go under center for as much as one meaningful regular-season snap.  Your coaches didn't even think enough of you to give you some real playing time when your team was going 4-12 and the starting QB was turning the ball over three dozen times.

Yet you feel compelled to sit and run your yap about a guy that's been to numerous Pro Bowls and has accomplished more at the National Football League level than your worthless, bust-waiting-to-happen ass EVER will.  I find the level of arrogance from such an unaccomplished little punk to be simply mind-blowing.  To steal a phrase from you, "If it was someone that had ever done anything in the National Football League saying it, that would be one thing."

Seriously, DO something first, then talk.  Not the other way around.

What an idiot.