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I Am, Officially, Totally Confused

So, what was your favorite part of the Koy Detmer era?

The Vikings followed through this morning with yesterday's rumored roster move, releasing QB Koy Detmer and re-signing CB Ronyell Whitaker.

For serving as emergency insurance for the past 96 hours, Detmer will receive $42,352.94 -- 1/17th of the 10-year veteran's minimum salary. The Vikings also must pay Whitaker his regular salary as well.

There's no word on whether Detmer completed his annual ritual of buying a travel wardrobe at Target before getting the news today.

What in the hell are we doing?  As Seifert's post implies, Holcomb can't possibly be ready to go.  He could barely throw the ball on Tuesday, which is why Detmer was signed in the first place.  Now he's been released, which means that Holcomb is, apparently, healthy enough to be at least the #3 quarterback.

Is Jackson healthy enough to start?  Brad Childress has said that Jackson is going to be the quarterback if he's healthy enough to play.

But, as Seifert also says in his post, didn't it seem on Friday like everything was pointing to Brooks Bollinger being the starter?

It's one thing to try to confuse the opposing team.  Now the Vikings have succeeded in confusing me and, I'd imagine, a lot of their other fans, too.

As of right now, Brooks Bollinger is the only healthy QB on the roster.  As of now, Bollinger SHOULD be the starting QB tomorrow in Green Bay.  Will he be the starter?  Only Brad Childress knows.