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Vikings FINALLY Say "Our Bad"

It certainly took long enough, but the Vikings have finally decided to not dock Troy Williamson a week's pay for missing the Chargers' game after all.

I really don't know why the heck it took so long.  I guess it just wouldn't be the Vikings if it didn't.

Williamson is going to donate the check, just over $25,000, to charity.  The full text of Williamson's statement (as taken from Access Vikings) is as follows:

"Earlier today, coach Brad Childress informed me that the Vikings have decided to pay me my game check for the game I missed last weekend due to the untimely death of my grandmother. I wanted to release this statement to thank the thousands of supporters who spoke up for me on my family's behalf. We also want to thank them for their outpouring of emotion and support.

"This has been an extremely trying and difficult time for my family, and I hope that everyone's thoughts and prayers are with my brother Carlton for a quick and speedy recovery.

"My wish is that the issue is over, and that I can now go about being a football player and putting this matter behind me. I wanted to thank my family, my friends, my teammates, the NFL Players Association, my agent David Canter, and all the Vikings fans for supporting me through this difficult time. In light of today's events, my wife Charity and I have decided to donate that game check to a charitable foundation to be determined at a later date in the memory of my grandmother Celestine. I will not be speaking about this issue any further."

Good for Williamson. . .the guy that was, quite frankly, in the right in this entire situation. I just hope that the damage hasn't already been done to the Vikings, to Williamson, or to Williamson's family.

Well, now that that's over, maybe we can actually look at something that might happen on the field.  I know, it seems weird to me, too.