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More Reaction to the Slaughter

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Well, everyone knows what I think about what happened yesterday. . .so, let's get the thoughts of some others instead.

Anyone that's read this website for a while knows that I've never been Jim Souhan's biggest supporter, his latest article from the Star-Tribune is dead on.

One particular passage from the article that irks me more than anything:

In the fourth quarter, you could see Vikings safety Dwight Smith and injured cornerback Antoine Winfield chuckling on the bench -- Smith finding one comment so funny that he ran away from Winfield, laughing hysterically.

Smith later explained that this is his "job," and that you need to be able to smile during a bad day. He and fellow veteran safety Darren Sharper also called the result "embarrassing," which is closer to the truth.

Now, I'm a huge Antoine Winfield fan, as many of you already know.  I didn't actually see this yesterday or anything like that, but if this actually happened on the sidelines during that butt-whomping we took yesterday, both Winfield and Smith should be in the unemployment line by noon.  Seriously, who in the heck runs around on the sideline laughing and cracking jokes when your team is losing by 34 points to their biggest rival?

Nobody that gives a damn about what's happening to their team and what's happening around them, that's for sure.  I'm about five seconds away from going out in my back yard with a Zippo and some lighter fluid and setting my Winfield jersey on fire right now.  Honestly, why is it that I give more of a damn about whether or not this team wins or loses than some of the players that actually play for them?  Is there not something just fundamentally wrong with that?

Pacifist Viking

Today's EMBARRASSING loss marks the beginning of the end for Brad Childress. Actually, this entire week marks the end. After a spectacular home win last week, the Vikings should have been all good feelings. But then Troy Williamson was treated callously by the Vikings after his grandmother died. And now the team has been utterly destroyed by the Packers. And Adrian Peterson got injured and did not finish the game.

I think the Viking players are this close to quitting on Brad Childress, and the rest of the season will be a complete and total bust.

With all due respect to PV. . .who's probably my favorite Vikings' blogger. . .I think the Vikings have already hit the "quit" button.  They sure as hell had their finger on it all day yesterday, I can confirm that much.

As much as I dislike Brad Childress and what he's done to this football team. . .which would be taking a team that Mike Tice managed to drag to a 9-7 record in 2005, add a bunch of talent, and somehow manage to get a whole lot worse. . .the players need to have some culpability in this whole thing, too.  Yes, Troy Williamson got treated badly. . .yes, what happened between the Vikings and Williamson was wrong. . .but for crying out loud, show some freaking professional pride out there, people.  Being located where I am, I spend a lot of money on the Sunday Ticket package from DirecTV, and I sure as heck don't drop that kind of money to watch the sort of crap that we were subjected to yesterday for three hours.

On the bright side, when the Vikings are blacked out in Minneapolis-St. Paul next week, I'll be sitting here able to watch them anyway.  Then again, if next week's performance is anything like Sunday's, that won't be such a great privilege or anything like that.

Vikes Geek

If there were any doubt about where Childress fell in the hierarchy of NFL coaches, consider his post-game comments on Sunday. "If the team was not ready to play," Childress stated, "I take responsibility. If they didn't come out with fire, that's on me." That's coach speak these days for "I'll take responsibility as long as it is understood that it's not my fault--it's the players' fault."

But even if one were to accept at face value Childress' post-game mea culpa, the statement is equally damning for what it says about Childress' understanding of the Vikings' primary faults on Sunday. What Childress seems not to understand is that the Vikings' horrific performance on Sunday was not the result of the team not being "hyped" to play. Rather, it was the result of a stale formula for playing football that has been rejected by organizations that embrace changes in the rules and in the speed, size, and quickness of the players on the field. The YAC offense of Y.A. Title is simply not appropriate for the modern NFL, but that's what Childress wants to run and what, to his dying day, he appears prepared to shove down the throats of fans unfortunate enough to benefit from his tutelage of their favorite team.

After 25 games of the same system, and ample time for his players to "adjust" to the purported intricacies of an offense that appears to have none, Childress' willingness to accept blame for his players' performance is thus beyond the point of wearing thin.

Yes, Childress told us all last season that his offense was a "kick-ass offense" if it was run correctly.  Well, sir, I hate to break the news to you, but no. . .no, it's not.  It's not even close.  Sure, it looks great when Adrian Peterson puts the team on his back and takes them to a victory through the sheer force of his will like he did against Chicago and San Diego, but other than that, your "kick-ass offense" pretty much sucks out loud in every facet of its design.

One shining example of this can be found in the following. . .yesterday, the Vikings attempted to convert a fourth down on three different occasions.  On all three occasions, Brooks Bollinger found Robert Ferguson and completed the pass.  On all three occasions, the Vikings managed to come up short of the first down.

What kind of "kick-ass offense" thinks it can be successful by constantly throwing short of the first down marker, particularly in crucial third and fourth down situations?  Do you see Peyton Manning or Tom Brady or Brett Favre constantly throwing two-yard passes on 3rd and 8 and expecting the receiver to break three or four tackles to convert the first down?  No. . .no, you don't.  Because those offenses actually DO kick ass.  Two of those three guys have kicked our asses, and one of them has done it four times since Brad Childress got here.

Peter King,

b. The Vikings just didn't show up. I saw two-thirds of that game, and you can't tell me the Packers are that much better. Good character doesn't get overwhelmed like that.

It's almost as though Peter King reads this very site.  He's right on both fronts here.  Yes, Green Bay is better than Minnesota.  No, Green Bay is not 34 points better than Minnesota, and only the most homerific of Packer homers would suggest that they are.

(By the way, Mr. King, if you DO happen to read the site and would be willing to give a guy some pointers, please feel free to do so.

One other thing from King:

9. I think, still, that this is Donovan McNabb's last year in Philadelphia. Too much poisoned water under the bridge. He'll look good in Viking purple or Bear white next year.

I certainly hope so.  Of course, if Brad Childress is here, I'm not sure if it will make any difference.

Rumor has it that McNabb doesn't like Childress very much (which I'm sure comes as a complete and utter surprise to everyone reading this).  Hmmmmmmm, let's see. . .if I could choose between Brad Childress being here in 2008 or Donovan McNabb being here in 2008, which do I think would be better?

That's all for now, folks. . .as soon as the results of Adrian Peterson's MRI this afternoon are available, we'll have something up here either breathing a sigh of relief that it's nothing serious, or confirming that the football gods hate us if it is.