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Adrian Peterson (Likely) Out vs. Giants

In news that we all probably already knew anyway, the Vikings are going to likely going to rest Adrian Peterson for another week.

Peterson was sent to work out in a swimming pool Monday for continued work on his injured right knee, but coach Brad Childress said he didn't expect Peterson to be ready for the next game against the New York Giants.

. . .

Peterson has spent "literally, six to eight hours a day" in the training room since then, Childress said. He'll have to spend at least some time in practice before being cleared for action in a game, so it's likely he won't return until some time in December.

"I'd say it's a long shot right now to get back there, but we'll see," said Childress, who added that Peterson had surprised him before. Childress noted that Peterson has begun to get used to wearing a brace on his knee.

I'm guessing that the "sometime" part of "sometime in December" will depend on whether or not the Vikings are in any sort of playoff contention.  I'm not exactly anticipating that happening. . .the Beloved Purple would have to go, at worst, 4-2 over the last six to have even an outside chance at the post-season, even in the weak NFC. . .so I'm still not sure of the prudence of putting #28 back onto the field until everyone is 100% sure that he is healthy enough to resume playing.  I want AP on the field as much as anybody, but I still don't think anything. . .not even the Rookie of the Year award. . .is worth risking him for the long term.

(Of course, he should damn near have the ORoY locked up by this point, anyway.  Playing a couple more games probably WOULD seal that for sure, but he's the leader in the clubhouse as it is.)

So, for at least one more week, we're back to Chester Taylor as the starter at RB.  After his performance on Sunday, with the 200+ yards of total offense and 3 TDs, I think we can be comfortable with that.  The Vikings are going to need a big game from the rushing attack again in order to combat the Giants' insanely fearsome pass rush. . .even though that rush got a little less fearsome with Mathias Kiwanuka suffering a season-ending leg injury in New York's victory over Detroit yesterday.

The Giants are a Top 10 defense in terms of yardage (8th overall, 9th against the run, 9th against the pass) yet give up virtually the same amount of points per game as the Vikings do.  Minnesota, thus far, is allowing 20.9 points/game, while the Giants allow 21.1 points/game.  The Giants' stat is a bit misleading, as they gave up 40 points a game in their first two contests and have tightened up significantly since then.

We'll have plenty more on this game as the week progresses.  Keep enjoying your Monday, ladies and gentlemen!