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Peterson Listed as Out. . .er, Dou. . .Questionable?

Well, the official injury reports for Sunday's game are out.



CB Antoine Winfield (hamstring)

RB Adrian Peterson (knee)
FB Tony Richardson (knee)

C Matt Birk (player decision)
S Eric Frampton (groin)


RB Brandon Jacobs (hamstring)
WR Steve Smith (shoulder, hamstring)

RB Derrick Ward (ankle, groin)

WR Plaxico Burress (ankle)

TE Michael Matthews (foot)
S Gibril Wilson (knee)

On the Giants' side, I'm not sure who they're going to have attempting to run the ball against us with both Jacobs and Ward on the shelf.  And pay no attention to Plaxico Burress on the injury report.  He's playing.  I'm pretty sure the guy hasn't practiced since about August.

On the Vikings' side, it looks like we're going to be without Antoine Winfield again.  This will be the third game out of the last four that #26 has been out for.  The Giants have a pretty good starting receiver tandem in Burress and Amani Toomer, so Marcus McCauley and Cedric Griffin are going to have their hands full in Winfield's absence.

Matt Birk is attending a funeral, but has said that he'll be re-joining the team in time for Sunday's game.

But the big story on this is where Adrian Peterson is listed.  In his press conference today, Brad Childress said that Peterson is "about 50-50" to play on Sunday.

My response to that?  You can not be freaking serious here.

The Vikings are coming off of a game where Chester Taylor reminded everyone that he was the focal point of Minnesota's offense in 2006 by lighting up the Raiders for over 200 yards of total offense and three scores.  You have a guy that's barely old enough to drink, is easily your most talented player. and carries the future of the franchise on his back. . .12 days ago, he took a hit that many people thought was going to end his season, and now he's a "50-50" chance to play?

I hope. . .I sincerely hope. . .that this is part of Brad Childress' patented "trickery" in order to make the Giants plan for Peterson being on the field.  Because unless AP is 100%, there is no way in hell I want him on the field on Sunday afternoon.  I know he's busting his butt to get back out on the field, and you can't help but admire how hard he's working to play again.  But as of now, it's still not worth taking the risk with him.

But I'm not Brad Childress, so lord only knows whether or not we're going to see Adrian Peterson on the field on Sunday at Giants Stadium.