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Williamson a No-Go for Tomorrow

According to the Star-Tribune, WR Troy Williamson isn't going to be with the team tomorrow when they take on the San Diego Chargers.

Troy Williamson was listed as questionable on the Vikings injury report Friday, but the receiver's agent said his client won't be with the team Sunday against San Diego because of family issues.

Williamson not only has been dealing with the death of his maternal grandmother -- a fact the Vikings acknowledged -- but agent David Canter revealed Friday that Williamson's older brother, Carlton, was involved in an automobile accident in September and has been in and out of a coma in a Georgia hospital.

Williamson was able to spend a little over a day with Carlton shortly after the accident, and then was with his brother during the Vikings' bye week in early October. "This is something we did not want to discuss publicly, but Troy and his family are going through a grieving and healing process, and hopefully they are in everyone's prayers," Canter said.

The hearts and prayers of those of us here at The Daily Norseman go out to Troy Williamson and the rest of the Williamson family in their time of need.