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You Want More Adrian Peterson?

Well, then, who am I to deny the people what they clamor for?

We'll start with a pretty amazing stat from yesterday, provided by the folks from

18 teams, including the Vikings, played in games that started at noon Central time yesterday.  Adrian Peterson had more total yards by himself (315) than the following teams that played in the same time slot:

-Denver (303)
-Cincinnati (299)
-Atlanta (286)
-San Francisco (251)
-Tennessee (236)
-Kansas City (234)
-San Diego (229)
-Carolina (199)
-Arizona (195)

Yes, Adrian Peterson outgained more than 1/4 of the teams in the National Football League by himself.

Peterson also currently holds the following records:

-Most rushing yards in a game in NFL history (296)
-Most rushing yards by a Vikings rookie (and he's got half a season left)
-Most plays by a Viking rookie of 50 yards or more (7, tied with Randy Moss)
-Most rushing TDs for a Viking rookie (have I mentioned he's got half a season left?)
-Most total yards by a Viking rookie (and, yes, there's still half a season to go)
-Best rushing performance in Vikings history
-Second-best rushing performance in Vikings history
-Two games in the Top 10 for all-purpose yards in NFL history

That's all for tonight, folks. . .I'm going to continue basking in the glow of Adrian Peterson until tomorrow.  Have a good one, folks!