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Yarrrrrrrrr, We Be Facin' Neckbeard on Monday! Yarrrrrrrrr!

Star of the upcoming summer blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean:  Sucking Out Loud.
At his press conference yesterday, Chicago Bears' head coach Lovie Smith made the announcement that his starting quarterback for Sunday night's clash against the Beloved Purple would be none other than Kyle Orton.  Yes. . .THE Kyle Orton.

Orton does actually have one career start against the Vikings.  It came in 2005 in the first game the Vikings played after the "Love Boat" incident.  Orton didn't exactly light up a very suspect Minnesota pass defense. . .he went 16/25 for 117 yards, 2 TD, and an INT. . .but he really didn't have to.  The Bears had touchdown drives of 49, 3, 62, and 1 yards in length. . .yes, two touchdown drives that covered a combined total of four yards. . .as the Bears thumped the Vikings 28-3 to drop Minnesota's record to 1-4.

He also saw some mop-up duty against the Vikings in the season finale that same year, going 6/14 for 59 yards as the Vikings beat a Bears team that was resting up for the post-season.

Now, on one hand, Kyle Orton is the kind of quarterback that the Vikings historically make look pretty good.  They did it a little bit with the Niners' Shaun Hill this past weekend, allowing him to march the Niners for a TD on their first possession of the second half, and they've done it lots of times before.

On the other hand. . .this game is the biggest game of the Vikings' remaining schedule, it's at home, it's in prime time, and they're facing a guy that hasn't taken a regular-season snap in almost two seasons and has a career QB rating of 59.7.

Call me crazy, but I like our chances.  Apparently, so does Vegas, as they've installed the Vikings as a ten point favorite for Monday night's game, with an over/under of 43.  I'd say to play the under, but I said that before the last time these teams got together, and they put up 65 points, so what the hell do I know?

More stuff coming up tomorrow, folks. I'd say to continue enjoying your Tuesday, but it'll be Wednesday in 45 minutes, so I won't bother. (-:

Good night, everybody.