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Lots of Links for Your Reading Pleasure

A few things for your reading pleasure if you're currently listening to George Mitchell pretty much destroy baseball as we know it (like I am).

-The first thing I want to highlight is that yours truly will be on the Fourth and Inches radio show in about. . .oh. . .three and a half hours to discuss the Beloved Purple.  My segment will be about five minutes long.  The show starts at around 5 PM Central, and I'll be on at around 5:40 PM Central time.  Be there and. . .stuff.

-Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press gives us a story about the best blocking wide receiver corps in the league.

-Rueben Frank from draws some interesting parallels between Brad Childress' current job and what his team went through during his first NFL job.

-Childress, by the way, is now officially off the hot seat, according to CBS Sportsline.

-Six Vikings will be donating their game checks for this week's game to help NFL retirees.  Ironically, five of them. . .Matt Birk, Anthony Herrera, Marcus Johnson, Steve Hutchinson, and Ryan Cook. . .are offensive linemen.  (Ben Leber is the other.)  Though, to be fair, I can't remember a game this year that Marcus Johnson should have actually collected a paycheck for, so it's only right that he does this.

-Dave Campbell of the Associated Press tries to convince us that the Vikings weren't that bad to begin with.  Sorry, man, but they were.  Seriously.

-Here's a cool little thing from ESPN about a couple of plays we can expect to see this Monday night.  I don't know if it's supposed to look that easy. . .but I wouldn't be surprised if it does.

-Fox Sports' Adam Schein is eating a heaping helping of crow concerning our Beloved Purple. . .and, frankly, doesn't seem to mind.

-A story about Chester Taylor and Adrian Peterson swapping uniforms this past weekend brings the funny.

-Here's another Brad Childress article.  He's seen Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.  I've seen Beaches.  I win. . .or do I lose?  Hell, I don't know.

-215 Magazine examines The Adrian Peterson Phenomenon.

-Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that a member of the Chicago Bears hit this. And by "hit," I mean "had sex with." I can't blame whoever it was. . .I'd hit it, too. Of course, in my case, when I say "hit," it should be followed by the words "with my car." Or something similar. But not sex, that's for damn sure.

That's all for now, folks. . .have a good one!

Update [2007-12-13 18:26:8 by Gonzo]:

The address for the radio show has been changed. I had the wrong thing in there before. So, if you're wanting to tune in, the link up there is now correct. I'll be on in about 15 minutes or so.