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Dwight Smith Cited for Marijuana Possession

Jesus tap-dancing Christ on a crutch.  Are you kidding me with this crap?

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Vikings S Dwight Smith was ticketed Thursday night in downtown Minneapolis for misdemeanor possession of marijuana and obstructing traffic, according to a police report obtained today. UPDATE: Vikings DT Pat Williams was a passenger in the car but was not cited.

According to the police report:

At 10:11 p.m., a Minneapolis police officer noted Smith's vehicle impeding traffic at the intersection of 2nd Ave. South and Fourth St. South, near Sheik's nightclub.

When the vehicle did not clear the lane, the officer approached the car to issue a citation and smelled the "strong odor of marijuana" from the vehicle.

According to the report, Smith "admitted he just got done smoking some marijuana."

The fine for misdemeanor possession of marijuana is $125 for a first offense. Smith almost certainly will face far stiffer punishment from the NFL under its substance abuse policy, ranging from one game check to a four-game suspension depending upon his status in the league's confidential program.

This marks the second time in two seasons that Smith has been cited for misconduct in downtown Minneapolis and his fourth legal incident since entering the NFL in 2001.

You know something?  Don't bench this asshole. . .cut him.  Cut. . .him. . .NOW.

Of all the times that Smith could have chosen to pull something this mind-boggingly stupid, I'm not sure if he could have chosen a worse one.  The Vikings are approaching their latest "biggest game of the season" this Monday against Chicago (although, in this case, with the implications it has, it's probably true), they're fighting for playoff position. . .and yes, Smith has played a role in that. . .and this is a time where everybody needs to be on the same page.

For Dwight Smith to pull this crap shows an unprecedented level of selfishness.  Oh, and keep in mind that he was one of the guys that was screwing around on the sidelines while the Packers were kicking our asses by 34 points.  Thank goodness he didn't get Pat Williams mixed up in all of this.

I'm not sure what the injury situation is with Tank Williams and/or Mike Doss at this point in time, but if Dwight Smith never took the field again as a Minnesota Viking, I wouldn't shed so much as one little tear.  He'd better not take the field for the Vikings on Monday night, or all the stuff that Zygi Wilf and Brad Childress have talked about "character" and "decency" over the past couple of seasons will be shown to be a load of crap.

As a fan, this pisses me off.  The Minnesota Vikings have too much going the right way at this point in time to have to deal with crap like this.  If I had my druthers, Dwight Smith would be in the unemployment time before he got to work tomorrow morning.